Whatever we have accomplished in life has been made possible only by the grace of the Almighty Bhagwan and nothing else. Man can only aspire and strive to acquire knowledge; the intellect to comprehend it is given by Him. Equally important is the capability to present knowledge in such a form so that it becomes comprehensible to others also - thatís how knowledge is preserved and perpetuated, one of the sacred duties that have been cast upon the human race. This capability too is given by Him. We thank the Almighty Bhagwan that in our lives He gave us the opportunities and the resources to acquire knowledge and also the intelligence to comprehend it. In our works, we have always striven hard to present the subjects in such a way that they become sources of knowledge and inspiration for posterity. If our works reflect genius and scholarship, the source is none but Him; if some mistakes are left, they are entirely ours. We humbly offer all our works and all our achievements in life at His feet for all the kindness he has bestowed upon us.

Dr. N. C. Asthana 
Dr. Anjali Nirmal

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Copyright  Dr. N.C. Asthana, IPS, Inspector General of Police